Muskegon Innovation HUB

200 Viridian Dr, Muskegon, MI 49440

January 28, 2020

On Tuesday, January 28th, 5 creators will pitch their ideas for a chance to win $5,000 - no strings attached. Join us at Muskegon Innovation HUB for January's 5x5 Night.

There is no restriction on the type of idea a presenter can submit, but it’s important to remember this is about moving an idea forward. The event host organizes a selection committee to decide which five ideas will be presented. Visitors to the website vote on ideas they would like the host committee to select. The selected presenters explain a $5,000 step that will move the idea forward.

Presenting the ideas is only part of the night. Part two is at the reception to find out the winner. Have a glass of wine, talk about ideas. The opportunity to network is the whole reason we put on the event. Join us!

January 28, 2020
Muskegon Innovation HUB 200 Viridian Dr, Muskegon, MI 49440

Judges this month

  • Jake Eckholm

    Jake Eckholm

    City of Muskegon

    Director of Economic Development

  • Anna Gustafson

    Anna Gustafson

    Muskegon Times


  • Eric Seifert

    Eric Seifert

    Muskegon Angels


  • Laurie Supinski

    Laurie Supinski

    Start Garden

    Program Director

  • Darryl Todd

    Darryl Todd

    Muskegon Area First

    Director of Talent Initiatives

Ideas Being Presented

The Healed Happy Whole Woman

The Healed Happy Whole Woman

The Healed Happy Whole Woman is not only a nonprofit organization but a movement for empowering teen girls and women.

Tishley Janeene Learn More
Fortune’s Favor

Fortune’s Favor

An RTS game that is centered around dynamic government, religious, environment based, and strategic military decisions.

Jeremy Scharphorn Learn More
Hey Sugar and Co.

Hey Sugar and Co.

Cotton candy reimagined! Organic cane sugar, natural dyes and gourmet flavors.

Danielle Bradfield Learn More
Seaway Tours

Seaway Tours

Seaway Tours is a micro mobility company specializing in e-bike, e-scooter & Segway rental Tours in Downtown Muskegon.

Corey Blackman Learn More
51 Bravo Custom Knives

51 Bravo Custom Knives

I am an Army Veteran residential builder and part time Knifemaker. I would like to make knives full time.

Shawn Moulenbelt Learn More
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