Farmhaus Cider

5025 Stanton St, Hudsonville, MI 49426

October 30, 2018

On Tuesday, October 30th, 5 creators will pitch their ideas for a chance to win $5,000 - no strings attached. Grab your flannels and your scarves and join us at Farmhaus Cider Co. for October 5x5 Night.

There is no restriction on the type of idea a presenter can submit, but it’s important to remember this is about moving an idea forward. The event host organizes a selection committee to decide which five ideas will be presented. Visitors to the website vote on ideas they would like the host committee to select. The selected presenters explain a $5,000 step that will move the idea forward.

Presenting the ideas is only part of the night. Part two is at the reception to find out the winner. Have a glass of Michigan-brewed cider, talk about ideas. The opportunity to network is the whole reason we put on the event. Join us!

October 30, 2018
Farmhaus Cider 5025 Stanton St, Hudsonville, MI 49426
Voting Closes: