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July 22, 2024 11:59 am

About this idea
Six months after tragically losing our 9 yr old son Iker, we were shocked to hear that our newer landlord refused to renew our lease after eight years of operating La Huasteca at 1811 Plainfield Ave NE. The Creston community is our home. We are working hard to turn this horrible situation into a healing one for our family by relocating into a new space in our Creston neighborhood. The new restaurant will honor our son Iker by rebranding La Huasteca to “Iker’s Taqueria.”
Owning and operating a family restaurant in the Creston neighborhood for eight years, this community is our HOME. We have long-standing relationships with our neighbors, business neighbors, and greater community. We were a welcoming space for neighbors and guests to gather at La Huasteca. The immediate outpouring of support from our neighborhood upon the loss of our son Iker made us realize how valued we are within this community. The rebranding and new location will allow us to continue to be a community gathering space, a place to be nourished, healed, and welcomed by our family.
What I'll do with $5,000
The funds will be used to rebrand La Huasteca to ‘Iker’s Taqueria’ and for costs associated with launching at a new location. Due to the outpouring support from the community, we have booked numerous catering events while we are transitioning from one location to the next. The funds will help us operate the growing costs associated with permits, licensing, and fees to temporarily use other commercial kitchen spaces and for our new location.
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