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About this idea
DA Market will be the first location in West Michigan to offer the option of purchasing food and immersing yourself into a customized cooking experience on site. DA Market creates a brand new approach to seafood with the level of convenience we provide. DA Market's entire experience can be completed in a timely manner, from picking your food items, checking out, and the cooking, you can be out in less than 15 minutes. Everyone will be able to enjoy fresh seafood with our flexible payment options of cash, credit, debit, and EBT. By accepting EBT, we will have access to a larger pool of customers. The location will be primarily takeout with an option to enjoy your food in a small dining area. DA Market will be located in the inner city of Grand Rapids. While you have the option of utilizing ‘DA Steam Bar’, you can also purchase the raw seafood at market price. DA Market will be open for operation 7 days a week and we will offer late night hours on the weekends.
DA Market benefits the City of Grand Rapids by allowing all socioeconomic classes to have the ability to acquire high quality food at competitive and affordable prices. We seek to gain sustainability by providing locally farm grown vegetables and providing a locally caught fish selection. All residents will be able to have easy access with us having a central location.
What I'll do with $5,000
If DA Boils wins the $5,000 grant award the funds will go towards securing a physical location for DA Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This will include the startup costs of a deposit and the rent. Funds will also go towards obtaining the necessary equipment which includes a commercial steamer and a deli case. for the storefront. Additionally, the $5,000 will go towards obtaining all of the necessary food licensing associated with opening the storefront. Winning the award will get us closer to accomplishing our dream of reaching the whole entire city of Grand Rapids with our sauce recipe and ultimately reaching a larger target audience of the entire state of Michigan.
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