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About this idea
Da Boils seeks to bring flavor to all households for everyday use. While our seafood boil business serves a niche market, our seasoning doesn't have to! This seasoning blend will offer a variety of spice levels starting from mild, to medium, to spicy!
Our seasoning blend seeks to be offered in retail stores making it more accessible for all, all the time, while EBT purchasable. The sauce will allow users versatility to use the blend when they're in the mood for a seafood boil or on any poultry or fish. This seasoning blend brings a new sense of flavor to the market!
What I'll do with $5,000
If DA Boils wins the $5,000 grant award, the funds will go towards product development costs, packaging, and inventory. Product development will cover the costs associated with testing needed to learn the nutritional value of our seasoning blend(s). This will allow us to have a shelf stable product with the proper label. Packaging costs will consist of paying a graphic designer to design the label and finding the right bottle for distribution. Lastly, the grant will help to cover the costs to allow us to have a start up stock of inventory. This will include the costs of ingredients to make the recipe for testing and the cost of ingredients post-testing to create the supply for having an inventory of bottles to have on hand for our pop-up and festival events.
About Da Boils

Seafood boils are a southern tradition and depending on the region, there are variations on the types of ingredients. Eating seafood boils is a deluxe food experience and best enjoyed as a hands-on activity. The more mess you make, the more fun you’ll have! We are an all queer women, black owned seafood business. We've been in the kitchen perfecting our sauce recipe for over a year, mostly attending pop up events. It's time for us to expand and find a permanent location to further service our customers in a larger capacity.

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