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About this idea
We offer live online Draw Clubs to home school, public school, and foster care programs here in Michigan. We have four classes that cover the earliest illustrators through more advanced graphic novel development. We also offer a basic scholastic version that can be used in schools and organizations. The scholastic version is currently being used in foster care schools and homes in Detroit through We Care Foster Care. We are ready to offer these classes across the states and are submitting our idea here to help start that process. We believe that our format and our experience will attract at least 20 students per state in our three main Draw Club levels, and at least 10 organizations per state in our scholastic Draw Club. Students have two time options for the live sessions, and If they can't make the live session, they have the option of following a video over the weekend and catching up. All they need to do is print a template and follow along. The classes run in month long themes of four sessions. We learn new drawing techniques every week and sample new illustration styles throughout the year. Every fourth week is a project week. This session is only recorded and has clear objectives for the kids to work on a project and post it to our group Facebook Page.
Kids need art. Drawing can be done well online and it's inexpensive for people to follow. The demographics we're reaching (above) are growing, and they need quality programming that is accessible anywhere and for all income levels. Drawing, like any artistic endeavor takes time...we offer a weekly opportunity to practice, to be encouraged, to improve, and to share. Thinking visually and being able to express that well is a very important skill for this generation. Kids who stay in Draw Club for a year or more improve their ability to do this dramatically. We think that's important for kids. Our Michigan based students enjoy it, and now we want to offer the same opportunity throughout the states and beyond. We think the potential for this as a business is enormous as well. With the basic numbers we've outlined above, the yearly revenue would exceed $2million, and would allow us to employ five to seven people to maintain and grow the operation further.
What I'll do with $5,000
We will create marketing packets to reach out to home school partnerships, foster care programs, after school organizations and MOPS chapters to grow our enrollment throughout the fifty states ($3800). We will also advertise in Practical Homeschooling magazine and on their Facebook page to over 340,000 followers ($1200)
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