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About this idea
Empanadas de yuca are a gluten free option. These empanadas are made out of the yuca root also known as cassava. Currently we make our empanadas from scratch by hands. We make our own dough and fillings. We have met with the MSU extension program to start selling our empanadas at Bridge street market. Clients would be able to go pick up their empanadas pack take them home with instruction on how to cook.
Yuca empanadas are an option for clients that for dietary reasons, allergies, health conditions can not enjoy our regular empanadas. Our yuca empanadas will be a perfect addition to any store to promote gluten free option but also promote food diversity.
What I'll do with $5,000
With $5000 we will buy equipment to make empanadas, with these equipment we will increase our productivity from 100 empanadas per hour to 600 per hour. This machine is called the maxi 600 and works with flour and yuca dough. It is an electric machine made entirely of stainless steel. The company that makes the machine is called empamaq with locations in Colombia and Florida. With this equipment we would be able to increase productivity and have the opportunity to sell to more stores but also sell them in our food truck.
About Gilma DeLaCruz

Im Chef Gilma DeLaCruz, Chef for El Caribe Food Truck and Catering services. I was born in New Jersey but at the age of 5yrs old my mom moved to the Dominican Republic. I grew up in the kitchen with my mom, aunts, a family of cooks. This is how my journey and interest for the kitchen began. Through out the years i went from job to job looking for better opportunities but it was never enough. Until in 2015 i decided to go to culinary school at GRCC and proudly graduated in 2017. I been marry for 12 years to Edward DeLaCruz, we have a daughter name Montserrat. As a chef my passion is to share with the community my culture and food experience, make people happy with one bite of a tasteful meal.

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