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About this idea
Small businesses are strapped for time, resources, and employees. This e-course, is designed with psychological and developmental research in mind. It includes deliberate practice, feedback and repetition to ensure that managers learn the skills not just the knowledge. It will be on a platform called Thinkific. This allows for quizzes, assignments, feedback and group work. It is designed in three different modules (knowing yourself and the diversity of others, difficult conversations, motivating and developing your team). These were selected after surveys and interviews with managers, they were the themes that came out as the areas that folks felt the least equipped in.
This e-course will impact small businesses and individual managers who want to improve their retention and culture. Reducing turnover over could save businesses thousands of dollars and the local economy even more than that. But not only that, it can help employees reduce stress and increase stability in their lives.
What I'll do with $5,000
The $5,000 will purchase the e-course platform, as well as pay for the video editing, and website upgrade necessary for clients to purchase the e-course.
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