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About this idea
Ninety-three percent of consumers want to eat healthy at least some of the time, with 63% trying to eat healthy most or all of the time. When it comes to options for shoppers, West Michigan is falling short. By offering meals that satisfy hunger, and the tastebuds, without sacrificing health – our customers are confident knowing that with limited time to spare, they can still fuel themselves with a flavorful, nourishing meal. To launch, we initiated an Instagram-only, zero ad-spend, pre-order campaign. We were able to garner enough sales to purchase initial supplies and equipment and to offset our first month of kitchen fees. And although this is an amazing accomplishment, we are most proud of the community of supporters that we continue to build with once again ZERO AD SPEND. Our initial customers are the real MVPs. They liked, shared, and spread the news of Healthy2Go to their networks, and with the growing demand, we were able to quickly transition to generating sales through acquiring B2B accounts. We are happy to announce that distribution is in full effect in three local grocery markets and one cafe. We are currently developing a micro-franchise model that local markets can execute to provide Healthy2Go Meals "made-to-order". Customers may also purchase Healthy2Go through online delivery and special orders for business/organizational events. Healthy2Go customers are employed and between 30-40 years old. Individuals who most frequently purchase meals engage in moderate to heavy exercise 3-5 days per week. Our customers make value-based purchases to impact the local economy. The Healthy2Go business model is intentionally structured to be as flexible as the world we live in. With a business model designed to pivot and evolve with market changes, we are built for success, prepared to listen to the needs of our customers and meet them every time. Several Healthy2Go product lines and recipe variations are awaiting their turns to shine. Soon, Healthy2Go will offer solutions that satisfy every time of day, snack cravings, kids, and so much more. Hey, the way customers rave about our signature sauces, we might just bottle that up while we’re at it! At Healthy2Go we know you can have it all: flavor, health, and convenience. If you are like the many Americans who just don’t have the time to create a healthy meal we invite you to join the movement of Bringing Better Food to the People.
We shine in the market of grab-and-go meal solutions. Ounce for ounce, Healthy2Go packs more nutritional value than the meals we share cold cases with. Our impact extends beyond providing customers with healthy meals. We employ and empower culinary students with kitchen, leadership, and business skill development and a platform to feature their recipes and get paid for it. We feed vulnerable populations in our community by repackaging surplus food. We take our commitment to zero-food waste to the next level by composting our scraps. West Michigan has a serious gap in the accessibility of healthy food. We are disrupting this issue as an intentional part of our business strategy.
What I'll do with $5,000
We are primed for growth and seeking support to upgrade kitchen equipment and execute a paid marketing and branding strategy. We have outgrown the initial equipment purchased through our pre-launch campaign. Requests for Healthy2Go meals continue to increase. Inquiries are coming in from stores, cafes, juice bars, corporations, and vending companies. We are eager to meet these needs and with a few kitchen upgrades, we will be able to produce 4x the amount of meals without increasing production time, kitchen fees, or labor costs.
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