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About this idea
The problem is presently being addressed primarily through treatment using medication. People with type 2 diabetes are prescribed metformin and other medications to help reduce sugar or in the blood. The LivePlate introduced in order to make life easier for patients with Type 2 diabetes by allowing better control of the stability of blood sugar levels and anticipating the occurrence of dangerous when the body consumes too much sugar and/or carbs. The LivePlate will help people living with diabetes and is expected to revolutionize and disrupt how the disease is self-managed.
Our product is a gamechanger because it gives the people the power to self-manage, and also encourages them to take control of their choices through caloric restriction, and dietary intervention means, to decrease type 2 diabetes. I have implemented it in my life, and have experienced the most wonderful and convincing results, as evidence by my A1C numbers. People with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes will benefit from this product.
What I'll do with $5,000
The below is what the grant funds will be used for: Rent. Utilities. Business services and administration. Supervision. I will also use the $5,000 for the cost of acquiring talent for my team, and setting up marketing and advertising for production of the product. The technical innovation the development would represent, the unmet need it addresses, and technical challenges to overcome; The value proposition and competition, and how the technology builds on assisting people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. We can submit a budget if you desire, but I have given the information as to what the grant will be used for. This LivePlate is a game-changer for all people with Type 2 diabetes. The grant money will be used only for the purpose of moving this project forward. We have manufacturing and packaging cost.
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