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About this idea
Takeout Takeout LLC is an earth friendly alternative to single-use packaging. We are working to partner with local restaurants and businesses to help them reduce their carbon footprint by renting out reusable to-go containers. We are currently in the middle of our beta test with Abundance Cafe located in Lansing, Michigan. Our current clients are able to rent and return reusable containers to and from Abundance Cafe by swapping them out during their deliveries from Abundance Cafe, dropping them off at our partner pickup/drop off location at Apple Blossom Kombucha, or by scheduling a home or office pick up with Takeout Takeout. Within the last 2 months we have saved over 300 items from being landfilled and are investing in more reusable container sizes to expand our reach. Our mission is to expand this model into other local restaurants and businesses to create a circular economy here in the Lansing region.
For every 1,000 reusable containers that are put out into the community that will save roughly 52,000 items being sent to a landfill every year. For restaurant owners that will save them the cost of ordering 52,000 single-use containers. Other economic impacts of this project would be to help the state of Michigan "...reach its goal of 45% diversion rate as stated in the 2021 Gap Analysis. By achieving this goal Michigan would create up to 138,000 jobs and see a reduction of up to 7M tons of Greenhouse Gas Emissions."
What I'll do with $5,000
If I were to win the $5,000 from the 5x5 competition, I will use the funds for investing necessary equipment to expand such as, reusable containers, storage containers and shelves, a website domain, accounting software, and a bar code/QR code scanners to effectively track the reusable containers and our environmental impact. I would also invest in social media promotion and employing other individuals, more specifically an operations manager, to help Takeout Takeout grow. We are roughly $4,500 away from being able to invest in the equipment to be fully operational with our beta test partners.
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