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About this idea
We're sourcing ancient grains (those grains that haven't been genetically modified over the thousands of years they've existed) directly grown, cleaned and processed on our 7th generation family farm in Addison, Michigan. Teff is our star ingredient in Teffola, or teff granola, and originates in Ethiopia. We started growing it as part of our pivot from corn and soybeans to ancient grains. Now that we're a few years in, we're growing and cleaning teff and buckwheat and are currently working on millet and oats. Our value added products, under the company name Tenera Grains Products, will source at least one ingredient per product directly from the farm.
Our farm practices regenerative agriculture meaning we're stewards of the soil and do everything we can to help the soil be as healthy as possible. No till, cover crop, and crop rotation are all part of our strategy. Additionally, we've built a gluten free facility where we can clean and process the grain into a more usable format for food manufacturers, bakers, brewers and distillers alike. This facility is now working with other farmers to clean and process their grain as they pivot to these alternative grains that are better for the planet. Teffola is championing these ancient grains in delicious products to bring awareness to the flavor and nutrition they inherently have. We care deeply about creating products that are low in sugar, vegan and gluten free for the health aware consumer. The vertical integration allows us to highlight the difficulties farmers are facing in this economy and creating a solution (products celebrating ancient grains) for people to support the changes they want to see.
What I'll do with $5,000
Our new product line, Teffola Bites or the portable version of Teffola, is launching January 2023 and we'd use the $5,000 towards packaging production for the individual unit. We've projected that we'll sell 78,000 1.4oz units for the first 6 months. This is a very conservative estimate based on the low end of what our broker has projected and only accounts for sales in the grocery stores channel. It does not include projections of what we could do online. At $.08/unit, we need $6,240 to start. Our supplier is Belmark and we've worked with them before on a sample size of Teffola Original and have been happy with the result.
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