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About this idea
What's the Dill makes healthy sandwiches without using bread. The sandwiches are covered with a 5-7 inch Kosher Dill Pickle. The Pickle sandwiches has a variety of meats to choose from such as Buffalo Style Chicken Breast, Corned Beef and Honey roasted Turkey breast etc. Add vegetables such as cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, mild peppers, red onions with a variety of sauces and seaoning.
What's the Dill brings a healthier affordable lunch option to the area. Eating healthier benefits everyone. Selling sandwiches without bread benefits people with diabetes that has to remove bread from their eating habits to help curb sugar spikes. Vegans benefits from this healthier way of eating by providing them gluten free fresh meal every day. Eating pickles daily restores electrolyte balance, controls blood sugar and provides antioxidants called beta-carotene which your body turns into Vitamin A. Pickles can also ease muscle cramps after a great work out. This lunch option will have a great impact in a community that lacks healthier options.
What I'll do with $5,000
What's The Dill currently is working towards opening a restaurant in the City of Detroit. While waiting for approvals, permits and the city to move forward with the project, the lease and bills are piling up. I would use the funds to pay the lease payment on the building for 2 months to help keep the project of opening the restaurant going which totals $3,870.00. To continue the Pop-Up events until the restaurant opens, we will need a sturdy tent, table and chairs which totals $524.00. The table, tent and chairs can be purchased on Amazon.com. $200 will be spent on making the product such as deli-meat, pickles and seasoning. I have also started a garden in my yard. I'm growing cucumbers to learn how to make my own pickles. I'm needing two greenhouses which totals $356.00. The second greenhouse will be for the tomato's , green peppers and lettuce. $50 will be spent for the fertilizer, hand tools, pruning shears, gloves and water can.
About Leona Gist

My name is Leona Gist. Born in Louisville, Ky and raised in Detroit MI. I graduated with my Associates Degree from Wcccd in 2018. I worked for CVS/Pharmacy for 20 years. Now that my children are grown, I’ve decided to follow my dreams and open a restaurant. My restaurant is very unique because we sell Kosher Dill pickle sandwiches. We offer a healthier way of eating lunch or dinner at an affordable price. I plan on running this restaurant for the duration of my life. Helping others is what I love to do and will continue to do with this restaurant.

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